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You can join MyRCloud’s Partner Community via a single-click signup process.

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MyRCloud is a recruitment-tech marketplace that delivers tangible outcomes. MyRCloud unlocks efficiencies and opportunities for recruiters through its innovative platform designed to deliver consistent results.

MyRCloud Benefits include:

  • Access to verified jobs from top employers.
  • Higher closure rates and the opportunity to work across industries pan-India.
  • An AI-ML-enabled recruitment platform helps you focus on opportunities and overcome operational hassles.
  • Access to a dedicated Partner Success Manager - a single point of contact for all operational queries, growth, and training requirements.

  • Real-time job and candidate notifications.
  • Access to a user-friendly recruitment platform.
  • Dedicated support from MyRCloud's Partner Success Managers.
  • Training on recruitment best practices and certifications.
  • Lifetime R Scout membership (a growing recruiter community)

MyRCloud partner pay-outs are rewarding and timely. You will get a pay-out for every candidate hired that happens through you. We also provide different incentives and pay-out programs.

More detailed explanations about the pay-out are provided during the signup process.

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Working with MyRCloud will undoubtedly be rewarding if you are a recruiter or an agency.

Here is how MyRCloud works Video

  • We have verified job requisitions from employers from different industries.
  • You can accept or reject working on a job role based on their expertise.
  • You can fill these jobs and earn a timely pay-out for each successful hire.
  • You have to review the open job positions and submit suitable candidate profiles.
  • Get notifications about your submitted candidates at all stages.

You receive a placement fee each time your submitted candidate is hired by the employers (our clients).

MyRCloud provides job requisitions across industries and functions such as industrial and manufacturing, IT, banking and financial services, retail and consumer, pharma, FMCG, automobile, etc.

We have verified jobs across functions, viz. Operations, Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, Data, Content, Technology, etc.

Currently, we have only "full-time" positions, and we will notify you if there are part-time and contract-based positions available in the future. Become an R ScoutR Scout form . 

MyRCloud clients are employers who acquire talent across different verticals. From start-ups to corporate giants who periodically hire at scale, our clients come from a variety of sectors.

A list of our clients will be provided once you signup. Register Now

We are more than happy to help with your queries! You can contact us at +91 (0) 22 40452200 or, and we will get back to you within the next 48 working hours. 

The average response time regarding your candidate submission ranges between 5 and 8 business days.

RScout is a growing community of independent and specialized recruiters. You now have the opportunity to connect with fellow recruiters, seek advice, and get answers. R Scout form. 

In that case, you can continue to work directly with your client.

To make your communication seamless, we will provide you with a Partner Success Manager (PSM) who will work closely with the hiring team. You can communicate via the PSM for any questions and clarifications. 

Yes, we will be offering recruitment training programs and certifications. Sign up to know more . 

You can do that in two easy steps.

1. Log in to our dashboard after signing up. Sign up

2. Locate the 'Submit CV' button and upload your candidate profiles.

After signing up, you can view the candidate profile submission status on the dashboard.

Recruitment agencies and freelance/independent recruiters can become an RScout. To complete the registration process, you must submit the following documents.  Documents to be submitted by recruitment agencies:

  • GST certificate of the company 
  • Cancelled cheque of the company (with the name of the company on the cheque)  
  • Pan card (copy) 
  • Address proof 
  • Aadhar card (copy not mandatory)

Documents to be submitted by freelance recruiters: 

  • Pan card (copy) 
  • Cancelled cheque 
  • Address proof
  • Aadhar card (copy not mandatory) 

After signing up, you will receive an email detailing the onboarding process step-by-step. 

Click here to start your onboarding process. 

You "own" your candidates for each specific job role for 180 days (~6 months). So, if you submit a candidate to one of our clients and that client hires your candidate within the next 180 days, you will be eligible for the referral reward. 

If you are the first recruiter to submit a candidate for a job then the candidate “belongs” to you for that particular client (employer) for 180 days (or approximately six months). 

If the employer hires your candidate within that time frame, you earn the placement fee.

Our system prevents a candidate from being submitted twice to the same employer. In case of duplications, the candidate ownership credit will be given to the recruiter who first submitted the candidate based on the submission timestamp registered in our system. And you will receive a notification regarding candidate duplication.   

MyRCloud's agreement with clients (employers) ensures that you will get paid if the client (employer) hires your candidate for another role. 

We strive to review resumes as quickly as possible. Our typical feedback window is 2-3 business days.

for Employers/Clients

MyRCloud works with a community of independent recruiters and recruitment agencies who can source quality candidates efficiently. We supplement this with an in-house Quality Assurance team to ensure that you get candidates that best fit the role.


Yes, MyRCloud helps you hire at scale in much less time than traditional approaches keeping quality and efficiency intact.

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It takes approximately 10-15 days.

Yes, the MyRCloud platform is equipped with an in-house Quality Assurance team. An AI-ML algorithm also powers the platform to ensure precision and timely quality hire.

Every submitted candidate profile to the client undergoes a 3-layer screening process as mentioned below.


  • The sourcing partner does the 1st layer screening.
  • The AI-ML platform does the 2nd layer screening.
  • Our in-house Quality Assurance team does the 3rd layer screening.

We'll consult directly with you to understand what you're looking for in your candidates and then contact each one directly on your behalf to screen them. 

Once we've weeded out all of the unlikely candidates, we'll only put you in contact with the most viable applicants that are a good fit for your business. This process unlocks time and resources because you'll only be presented with the best list of candidates. 

MyRCloud helps you acquire talents across industries and functions such as industrial and manufacturing, IT, banking and financial services, retail & consumer, pharma, FMCG, automobile, etc. Function-wise, we have verified jobs across, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, Data, Content, Technology, etc.   

MyRCloud uses several metrics to keep track of hiring success rates. These include the offer acceptance rate, time taken to fill a position, CV rejection rate, reason for rejection, the quality of each engagement, etc. 

You can quickly analyse the overall talent acquisition success rate using these metrics. 

MyRCloud has dedicated account managers through whom you can communicate your queries.

You can proceed with them directly.

MyRCloud offers full-time staffing solutions for a variety of sectors and functions. 

MyRCloud Platform ATS (MATS) is a state-of-art, robust, highly scalable application. It is arguably better and faster than any of the world’s leading ATSs. It’s a cloud application incorporated with the best of class machine learning and AI tools. That's not all; with MATS, you can also leverage its intelligent bots to fine-tune further or automate your recruitment process. 

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The MyRCloud Platform matches best-in-class security protocols and constantly upgrades its security features. Several global clients have approved us on our security standards. 

It's optional. You can decide to work with all the 1000+ vendors (recommended) or choose to work with a few (or many) selected vendors.   

MyRCloud has a built-in campus module that can be leveraged for online and offline recruitments based on the client’s requirements. Sign up to know more.   

MyRCloud has an internal referral and career page module, which can be customized as per the client’s request.  Contact us to know more

Yes, MyRCloud enables you access to all the vendors on the platform, by which you are adding more options at a lower cost and gaining higher productivity. The benefit is that you are adding a seamless recruitment pipeline to your hiring process. 

No. You can get as many logins as you want, but we recommend role-based access, and recruiters can get individual logins.   

Yes, MyRCloud has customized access options based on roles, activity, and levels within an organization. 

MyRCloud is a highly customizable platform. You can choose specific mandates NOT to be opened on the marketplace or opened to a single vendor or no one.    

TOTALLY. Your data can be accessed only by you within your organization. The access is customizable. You can decide whom to give access to. To be sure, NO other company or entity can view your data.

All processed resumes become a part of the MyRCloud Platform database of candidates but are not visible to any other client or vendor of MyRCloud Platform.    

No joiner data is visible to any vendor except for the vendor who has placed the candidate in your company. So, no other vendor or client can access your placed candidate data from the platform.   

Ideally, you do not need to, as MyRCloud Platform posts all jobs on the job boards based on the sourcing need. You might still need a license if you want your internal candidate sourcing agents/recruiters to source resumes.